About Topaz Stones – The Affordable Quartz Countertops Store in Winnipeg

Topaz Stone offers top-quality quartz countertop surfaces engineered with naturally beautiful quartz, lots of imagination, and the latest technology. These quartz countertops for your kitchen in Winnipeg come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty and affordability…

Why Choose Topaz?


Our state-of-the-art facility produces quality quartz surfaces engineered with the highest attention to detail. With up to 90% quartz silicate content, and coupled with our Lifetime Limited Warranty, Topaz Stone ensures that you get reliable and durable quartz kitchen countertops for years to come.


Inspired by the forces of nature, our veined series captures the imagination and embraces the beauty of design literally millions of years in development. Topaz’s real-to-life color depth and veining technologies make these affordable quartz stone countertops for kitchens in Winnipeg truly a cut above!


Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, Topaz delivers the benefits of high performance and innovative design, while keeping a firm stance on affordability. We pride ourselves on enabling both contractors and end users to get more for less.